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ADULT ROY'S BADLAND: A RAVE PLAY is an original  piece devised with Teatrotaller and Cornell University. Originally conceived by Jorge Silva, musician and philosopher Sam Tannert and movement expert Alex Symes are also co-collaborators on the project. The premiere performance (pictures seen below) went up in the spring of 2012 in Ithaca, NY and had a stint at UNESCO's International Festival of Theatre Schools. It has been considered by many as a great example of collaboration bringing together several communities and mediums. The story revolves around a wondering nomad named Roy Serrano who finds a wasteland void of feelings, instanteously bringing unbalance with his uniqueness.The allegory for the immigrant experience features several gods and demi-gods, demons, and breakdancing Nazi Zombies; Carlos Morton, award winning author of Johnny Tenorio, called it "amazing" and "the next in the heights." 

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