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an investigation into an indigenous identity



prefix ne·o \ ˈnēˌō \ 

a new or revived form of.

noun  An·di·no  \ anˈdē(ˌ)nō \

a native or inhabitant of the Andes

  1. Of or pertaining to a modern style of architecture from the Andes

If one of the defining charges of an artist is to responsibly platform and preserve culture, then I have a lot of work to do. 


In the coming months, I will be putting forward several pieces of prose, food, music, and dialectical musings that have emerged from a deep dive into what it means to be a part of an Andean indigenous community.


As our traditions dissipate with assimilation, the next generation has to answer the question: how will we continue to carry the flag of the past? 

This is NeoAndino. 

The story began where all stories begin: in Buenos Aires. Considered the Paris of Latin America, it is the home of the trip's eponymous author, Che Guevara. 


A Motorcycle Diaries Trip

Right before the pandemic sealed the world off to us, my partner and I toured Latin America in a fashion befitting someone as restless as myself. Never one for extended sunbathes, I convinced my fiancé that we should seek to be as ambitious as possible considering this was our last chance to adventure before the anchor of offspring. My fanaticism for Che Guevara had for many years painted a picture of an América he had discovered in his youth – an América I had yet to find as an adult. So, for our honeymoon in February 2020, we set off to see as much of the Americas as possible. 

JSCPhoto Jsilva.jpg

Have you seen my latest headshot? No? Then you haven't visited that sweet, biography section yet then.

Many have commented on the nature of this photo, mostly wondering how it could have possibly come about and mistakenly referring to my poncho as a scarf.
The photographers, Juancho SC Photography (a Colombian couple) snapped this at my request during my engagement shoot. Juancho referred to me as his 'Baby Ponch.',  

Unapologetically Bolivian

By Jorge Silva


“I ‘Fink You Freaky” by Die Antwoord plays, Jorge stands at center stage with back to the audience. The ensemble dresses him in an alpaca poncho. He turns and walks downstage, the music stops and says…


Jorge: I once knew a guinea pig named ‘Almuerzo.’


Music resumes, someone throws him a cob of corn and takes a bite before dropping it like a mic.



*A piece written as a Neo-Access Scholar for the Neo-Futurists, 2016 

Abuela's Hands



Proof that my dad is indeed the Eddie Vedder of Andean Folk Music...

Raices Del Ande

at the Old Town School of Folk Music,2013

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