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TOAST is a participatory-performance-meets-science-fair that explores invention and discovery, the development of technology, and the intricate networks that weave us together. It distills ingredients for innovation and applies them in a multimedia, participatory performance that fully and transparently harnesses the audience as an integral resource for the completion of the show in performance.


A secret society of inventors invites the audience to collaboratively push the boundaries of our current technology and explore the awesome potential of group innovation.


The rolling-venue premiere in Washington, DC will have 21 performances in 7 venues and feature 17 performers and over 1,200 audience members... meaning you will never experience the same Toast twice... ever.





  • piano, guitar

  • Spanish, Portuguese

  • stilt walking; gun spinning

  • basic stage combat

  • dialects: Texarkana, Brooklyn, American Southern, English RP, Cockney, Scottish, Irish







JORGE is also a member of the international theatrical group DAMAETAS. Check out the DAM' site to see what is going on and his role. 

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